Friday, October 14, 2011

Right to Information (RTI) 

The Prime Minister's statement, which he read, was astonishing. Is this is his view or was he merely reading from a text given to him by someone else? While paying lip service to RTI, he was laying the basis for diluting the RTI Act. He attempted to make a few points decrying RTI. These were lame apologies for shutting out public scrutiny of government's actions. One was that it is detrimental to efficacy of institutions. Is he of the view that transparency detracts from efficiency.

Democratic Governments are not a rulers. They are servants of the people. They are mere representatives.

A second point he made was that RTI increases work of government employees. Is he not aware of Sec 4 of the Act that seeks suo motu disclosure; Or was the person who wrote his prepared text oblivious of this requirement of the Act?

Courageous and honest government officials do not fear transparency. As a former government officer, this writer was never inhibited by the thought of his decisions and notes being made public.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The tree of corruption wilts under the glare of sunlight. Only children of darkness prefer the shelter of pitch black nights to hide their conspiracies and deeds.

Let the people of India rise with one voice to strengthen people's right to information. 

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