Thursday, April 9, 2020

Corona Virus - The Panic and Resultant Pandemonium

Corona Virus - The Unwarranted Panic and Resultant Pandemonium 

Ignorance is bliss now. Many flus are called 'corona virus' because they are similar in structure and action. Here's a link to UK's Lab News that says so. 

The normal number of deaths in USA from flu is 646,000 EACH YEAR. 
The deaths due to the present virus is not more. 
There are 4 videos of experts giving views on flus, corona viruses and how to tackle them. 
What is being done today is just the opposite of what should be done? 
Here are the expert views.
Video 1 - Dr. Knut Wittowski
Video 2 - Dr. Ayyadurai
Video 3 - Dr. Sam Vaknin
Video 4 - Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
It is astonishing how a whole nation or many nations could be fooled into such mindless action. The fable of the chicken which ran saying that the sky is falling and all other chickens running after her comes to mind. That's how panic starts and spreads. It is the same as a stampede. Stampedes kill many. This one also will. Some from starvation, others from diseases caused by malnutrition. 
Let's prevent it by spreading the facts in the videos shared and asking questions of the government and bureaucrats and medical professionals here.