Tuesday, February 22, 2022

 Covid-19 - The False Narrative Continues Through News Headlines

A news paper headline says, 

"COVID-19 third wave: Over 70% of January deaths in Karnataka were in ICUs"

Firstly, has any epidemic come in WAVES
Why are people dying in ICUs? 
Were autopsies performed to determine the cause of death?
The news admits that two thirds had comorbidities. 
Why were these deaths attributed to Covid?
Who is interested in keeping the scare mongering going?
They should read Aesop's fables! Like the boy who cried, "Wolf, wolf", people are tired of scare stories and no longer take them seriously.
Another news item says that 30 % people of India believe that covid is a myth!
Iit show how few people in this country are able to think clearly.