Tuesday, December 4, 2012

UID is NOT Yours

UID is NOT Yours

We, Gopal, Somasekhar and I, are three who have been campaigning against the obnoxious UID scheme. 

We have published a Monograph with the above title and released it a press meet at Delhi on 27 Nov 2012. 

While many from media attended the meet and even purchased the Monograph, as anticipated, news coverage of the event was meager. 

The reasons are not difficult to understand. Media is gagged indirectly through dark hints and inducements of advertisements. Media is after all a business and business interests of media owners always overtake national interests. 

The Monograph contains articles by six authors who contributed to it. It has news about RTI replies received from UIDAI, which would reveal attempts to hide the dirty secrets about UID from people. It also contains resources from the Internet about UIDAI and its contractors. 

Hard copies are available for purchase. 

A soft copy is available on the clicking the link here.