Saturday, December 22, 2018

Snoopers' Charter

Snoopers’ Charter

A news story in NDTV reports a Ministry of Home (nice name), Affairs (abbreviated as, “MHA”) has authorised various police and intelligence agencies to snoop into every computer of everyone in this great country of ours (?).
Here’s the link to the story – and story it is indeed.
Most people do not realise or understand that governments are not there to lord over them.
In democracies – I hope ours is one – elected representatives are just that – representatives.
Evidently, the present government here does not think so.
Ostensibly, the purpose of the executive order is to protect us (or is it, in fact, them?).
The order is like saying that a policeman or policewoman should sit in everyone’s bedroom to prevent spouses from sleeping with someone else while one of them is away!
Nine (9) judges sat for months and came out with a judgement on privacy rights. They agreed – unanimously – that it is a fundamental right.
MHA is cocking a snoop at those poor, powerless (?) judges.
Can’t they take suo moto notice and strike down the order?
Or are they waiting for a PIL?

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